10 Golden tricks of saving money on your big day!
13 Nov, 2015 Comments Doris

10 Golden tricks of saving money on your big day!

Weddings are becoming very expensive with an average Nigerian couple spending an average of N500,000 on their big day and that amount excludes the expense of a honeymoon. Brides are constantly contemplating ways to cut cost and achieve their dream day for less. Although weddings can be quite expensive, there are several ways, big and small, to cut cost. I asked our money-savvy brides to send in feedbacks on saving a few naira and here they are.

Marry during the off-season.

The rates of reception venues are usually low during the off-season (which is from April through November), so planning your wedding during this time could help you cut major costs.

Have your traditional wedding and reception at the same venue.

Holding your reception in the same location as your traditional wedding is an easy way to cut the cost o transportation and decorations.

Pay for your dress in full.

Ask your bridal shop if they offer any discounts for paying the full price of your gown upfront, that way you can save cost on your bridal gown.

Consider buying your dress off the rack.

Wedding gowns are arguably one of the most important outfits you’ll ever wear, but with dresses costing up to several thousands of naira, it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect style that’s within your budget.

DIY whenever possible.

More brides are taking on larger DIY projects to cut costs, especially when it comes to invitations, decorations and sometimes cake baking. But going the handmade and personalized route doesn’t always cost less. In order to determine whether a DIY project will actually save you money, we suggest you research the purchase price of that item and comparing it to the cost of supplies if you were to make it yourself. Plus, factor in the value of your time. Determine if you have the skill and come up with a plan B if you find that it’s more challenging than you thought.

Skip things that are not important to you.

If you don’t want a three-tier-cake then skip it! There’s no reason to buy something if you truly would prefer not to have it. Before you exclude something from the budget completely, consider if (and how) it’ll impact you and your husband years from now.

Buy in bulk.

You may be able to cut costs by buying in bulk. Discounts are usually given to larger buyers of liquor, craft materials and other wedding items.

Double up!

You can skip the florals and use more budget-friendly décor wherever possible. Not only will it cut down on floral costs but also included as part of bridal party gifts.

Recycle items from former brides.

Brides are taking advantage of websites which allow them to score steep discounts on gently- used items that are still in excellent condition. You can find anything from wedding dresses, décors etcetera. The stuffs listed are not only a steal but there are some super deals you may not be able to get anywhere else! Once the big day has passed, you can continue the cycle by selling off items you don’t want to keep.

Enter contests and competitions.

Entering contests and competitions is an amazing (and free) way to win items or services for your wedding. What’s the biggest way that you’ve reduced costs at your wedding? Drop your comments below.

10 Golden tricks of saving money on your big day!

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