3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Marriage
08 Nov, 2018 Comments Doris

3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Marriage

The marriage you have ever dreamed of is achievable if you master these three secrets. The success of this marriage hack neither does it depend on the stage nor state of your union. You might be having the best times of your marriage or you are contemplating quitting. All you need is these secrets of a jovial marriage.

Men love their marriages

There is a tendency to blame the man in a relationship when the love flames start to dwindle. This is not always the case as observed by counsellor and author Shannon Ethridge. She says that women contribute to the change in emotions through their attitudes. In her book that she co-authored with her husband Greg, Every Woman’s Marriage, Shannon observed that the men she interviewed had a desire to save their collapsing marriages. She advises women to just offer a good emotional environment and men will do everything to keep a marriage.

Husbands do not satisfy all emotional needs

Heading into a marriage with the hope that your husband will satisfy all your emotional needs is preparing to break the marriage before it starts. Excess demands will make your husband feel inferior after he fails to meet some of them. The end result is withdrawal.

Men are supposed to be family heads

Despite how modernized you are, allow your husband to be the head of your family. This applies to all Christians and traditionalists around the globe. Shannon states that the act of letting your man lead your family despite your social status needs great humility but saves marriages.

3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Marriage

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