3 Words You Should Say To Your Partner Everyday
23 Feb, 2016 Comments Doris

3 Words You Should Say To Your Partner Everyday

Words can be very powerful. The power of good and bad lies in the tongue so we should be very careful and speak wisely to people, especially to our spouse/partner.

Are you a new couple? or finding it difficult to express how you feel to your partner? Here are three words that can make your partner feel comfortable around you.

You are beautiful/handsome

The power of expressing words of affection is very amazing and unique. Why? because you reminding your partner that even after several years together, she/he still looks beautiful/handsome every day. I call it a morale booster.

Please, and thank you

Gratitude is a great form of flattery. To your partner, a please and thank you are wonderful to hear. E.g Thank you for making dinner., please help me with the dishes., etc

I love you

These three magic words when said at the right time, is an icing on the cake. Let your partner know how much you feel about them. I love you is the magic word, use it.

Being in a relationship with the right partner should make you feel happy and joyous. It should always lighten up your day. Communicate with your partner either verbally or non-verbally because a relationship without communication is like a telephone without a battery.

Culled from Wedding Digest Naija

3 Words You Should Say To Your Partner Everyday

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