How To Ace Meeting Your Partner’s Family For The First Time
30 Nov, 2018 Comments Doris

How To Ace Meeting Your Partner’s Family For The First Time

For some reason most of us seem to think of ‘meeting the parents’ as the legit scariest thing you have to do as an adult human. But it really doesn’t have to be.

Here’s how to make a good impression while still totally being yourself.

Get the family history

“Your partner’s most likely told their family about you, so it’s only fair to even the playing field. Getting your bearings about who is who at the dinner table will help you feel more at ease.

Be yourself

If you’re usually the life and soul of the party but end up being super quiet and only pipe up to say, “please,” and, “thank you”, their family are going to be left with a totally wrong impression of you.

Don’t stress about your outfit

There’s no need to waste energy worrying about what to wear to meet the parents. As long as your outfit is event-appropriate (like, probably don’t go to a black tie dinner in short shorts) then use it to express who you are. It’s always best to dress like YOU and be fully comfortable.

Gauge the vibe Everyone’s family is different. Some love to get right into political debates and talk about current affairs. Others might tend to stick to less potentially controversial topics like awesome TV shows. As there’s no hard and fast rule, just gauge the vibe and go with it. If they ask for your opinion on something, give it to them (respectfully of course).

Keep your phone off the table

“Turn your phone off. Texting while socialising may pass for good company among your close friends, but checking your phone when meeting the parents is a definite no-no.

Offer to help out

If you are really nervous, one of the best things you can do is offer to help out. It keeps you busy and shows you’re a nice person with good manners, right? “Offering to clean up at the end of the night also gives your partner’s family the chance to get to know you without them present.

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How To Ace Meeting Your Partner’s Family For The First Time

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