The Perfect Bridal Manicure Guide For The Trendy Bride
26 Feb, 2019 Comments Doris

The Perfect Bridal Manicure Guide For The Trendy Bride

Your wedding is fast approaching and you’re still wondering what to do with your nails…your nails are very important and a bridal manicure guide will help put things in perspective.

We don’t want to flaunting your wedding ring with chipped nails. With this bridal manicure guide, consider:

1. Nail shapes

There are different nail shapes and this determines what kind of nails you’ll fix or wrap. It also helps you decide how to file your nails and what look you’re trying to achieve.

2. Cuticle care

This very important aspect is easily overlooked but shouldn’t be. This is the dead skin at the base of the fingernail and it needs to be removed occasionally for beautiful, healthy nails.

3. To fix, to wrap, or go natural

This question is usually on the mind of every bride. The 3 styles have their peculiar pros and cons, and while they all good, it’s safer to stick to the method you’ve been using.

4. Picking a suitable colour

Different colours are suitable for different complexions. As a dark bride, you might want to lean towards the darker colours while the light-skinned brides can use bright colours. Better still, pick from the colour of your day.

5. Moisturize

As luxurious as this may sound, it’s very easy to do and has great results. Exfoliate at least 3 times a week as your wedding draws close and moisturize always. It will have your hands feeling fresh and soft in no time!

Now that you have a bridal manicure guide, go ye and bring forth beautiful nails for your special day!

The Perfect Bridal Manicure Guide For The Trendy Bride

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