Wedding Decisions Only The Bride-To-Be Should Make
08 Nov, 2018 Comments Doris

Wedding Decisions Only The Bride-To-Be Should Make

No bride can plan her entire wedding alone. She needs a support system of both professional planners and her family and friends to help with wedding decisions.

But where do we draw the line? There are some wedding decisions that should be left to the bride (and her groom) and shouldn’t be hijacked by anyone else. These decisions are:

What she’ll wear

This is not up for debate. The bride should be free to wear whatever she feels most comfortable in. It’s her big day, and her appearance is her business. By extension, this also applies to her bridesmaids. She can choose to ask the opinion of others, but it should ultimately be her choice.

The type of ceremony

If she (and her fiance) want an unconventional or non-religious ceremony, then that’s what they should get. The parents of the bride or the groom should not influence the kind of ceremony their children have.

The size of the wedding party

Even if the bride’s parents are paying for the wedding, she should be able to decide how big or small she wants her wedding to be. Technically, the parents should be able to invite whoever they want, but it should be within this restriction.

The wedding date

The couple should make the decision on when they want to get married. They have to choose a date that works with their schedules and then present it to their families. If the date needs to be changed, she should have a say on what works for her and her groom.

Wedding Decisions Only The Bride-To-Be Should Make

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