What’s So Special About The Ikoyi Marriage Certificate?
01 Dec, 2018 Comments Doris

What’s So Special About The Ikoyi Marriage Certificate?

You’ve probably seen a lot of pictures of people in front of the Ikoyi Registry’s famous green board, and you’re wondering what the fuss about the Ikoyi marriage certificate is? We’ll tell you.

Meanwhile, if you’re still bothered about the declaration of the Ikoyi marriage certificate as not legally binding, it has been resolved.

With that out of the way, here’s why you should consider an Ikoyi marriage certificate too:

It’s easy

Ikoyi Registry services make the process of getting a marriage certificate easy by scheduling different activities on specific days, so that you can have a life and still plan your wedding. Tuesdays are for oath swearing, Mondays and Saturdays are available for registering your marriage. While interviewing Omotayo who got married here, she says “the process was pretty easy and straightforward. All we did was fill the forms needed and paid the fees, then we came back in 21 days for the oath-taking”.


The Ikoyi Registry issues valid certificates to you and your spouse from any nationally, and although your forms will have additional questions, in the end, you and your boo will be legally married anywhere in the world.


There are only two federal marriage registries in Nigeria: one in Abuja, and the Ikoyi Registry in Lagos. A certificate from the Ministry of the Interior is recognized even internationally. This makes it easier for couples intending to travel outside Nigeria.

Immediate certification

Your marriage certificate is put in a green case and given to you immediately after the wedding, so you don’t have to come back again.

Now that you know what’s so special about the Ikoyi marriage certificate, this is all you need to know about getting married at the Ikoyi registry.

What’s So Special About The Ikoyi Marriage Certificate?

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