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About TOHWSON ( Tosin )

The role of the Master of Ceremony at a wedding reception is just as important as a propeller in a boat. The Master of Ceremony determines the tempo and direction of the reception.
TOHWSON Entertainments provide you with a professional Master of Ceremony, who is not only a Master of Ceremony but also has a Masters degree to show for it.
Our MC has over the years gathered experience of weddings in Diaspora and possesses the capability to; run a reception smoothly, keep the energy and enthusiasm high, liven up the reception with necessary wit and humor, and spark up engaging fun activities that will make your occasion a memorable one.
Following your permission, the Master of Ceremony has authority over the reception. You do not want to entrust your special occasion in the hands of an incapable one.
Your choice of Master of Ceremony makes or mars your occasion.
Make the right choice and contact us on


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